Center for Environmental Health

The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) is a national leader in the movement to protect people from toxic chemicals.  CEH works with communities, businesses, and policymakers to demand and support business practices that are safe for people, their health, and their environment.

The Challenge
It has been nearly 40 years since our nation’s primary law regulating toxic substances in consumer products was passed. The Toxic Substances Control Act (known as “TSCA”) is supposed to ensure that chemicals found in furniture, children’s toys, cleaning products, electronics, and other products do not contain chemicals that are harmful to our health. But TSCA was ineffective when it passed and 40 years later is dangerously outdated. Every day, American families are exposed to chemicals linked with cancer, asthma, early puberty, developmental disabilities, and other devastating health problems. Why? Because policymakers have been asleep at the switch or worse:  promoting the agenda of the petrochemical industry at the expense of our families’ health.  

The Process
The Sheridan Group began designing and executing a legislative strategy for CEH in early 2014. In collaboration with its partners in the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition, CEH has effectively increased the political pressure on Capitol Hill for passing a strong TSCA reform bill that puts the health and safety of American families first.  

The Result
TSCA reform remains a top priority for congressional lawmakers, who made important progress in bipartisan negotiations over the course of 2013 and 2014. CEH will push for a meaningful TSCA reform bill that ensures the safety of our families, our health, and our environment.